Proven badger terrier

Badger terrier working patterdale terrier

this girl is 4x G Masons Jet (who just passed away the same year we obtained Kalika.) in just 3 generations! She is also 4x Busty Anne with in 3 generations. She is a result of a brother sister breeding of two very tight nuttall dogs. She is also the aunt to our stud Orus. 

  Kalika is a hard terrier that is proven on badgers. She is also a proven producer of solid working terriers. It is a blessing to have her as part of our program here at “One of One”

Always ready to work never backed down

Pure nuttall Patterdale terrier

Kalika will be bred to some of the best studs in the nation 

Old blood that’s not common

Hard Patterdale terrier

solid solid solid