Murdoch's Swagger


Improvement upon already great blood

  We are very lucky to have this dog as a stud dog. Swagger is off of a Cocker dog named Lucky and Murdochs Gypsy. We have always liked Murdochs Jessie/J&J Finn Mccool. Swagger has the same dam (bottom side/Mother) as Jessie. And he exhibits all of the traits we look for in a terrier from that bloodline. 

    Our friend Murdoch is well know as one of the better hunters in America. He works his dogs very hard. We own a littermate to his main brood gyp (Malichi)  But we also love Murdocks old bloodline. 

   Swagger is 50% Gould through Murdochs old blood and 50% Cocker. Swagger  is what many would call a "hunting fool." He has a very good nose and is a hard yet smart dog. He is athletic and more leggy then our other stud dogs. Making him great for working raccoon but not as good for smaller areas. He sports a longer broken coat but after having his fur cut so many times for working purposes his fur does not grow as long as it once did.  

  This dog was not to be sold the only way he made his way to us from Murdock is he escaped his pin and got ahold of some cattle. This was not a dog that Murdoch planned to part from. Which says a lot.