We do not claim to be experts on any of the following lines. This info is meant to be something to help those who are not familiar with these dogs become familiar. We will do our best to be honest and speak the good of each of these lines.  As with all lines there are those that fail. If we mention a breeder in this section we have a high level of respect for the work they have done with these dogs.  FUTHER MORE BREEDERS NAMES ARE USED ON THIS SITE SOLEY TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE. 

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The originators

Origins of not too long ago

  It is generally an agreed beliefe that the first persons to develop the type as we know it today are Mr. Buck and Mr. Breay. From information passed down it is thought both of these Gentlemen set out to create a Terrier that was capable of dispatching a Fox in the earth  if needed. 

  In the area that these men lived and hunted the ground is full of large rocks and boulders which make digging almost impossible.  Thus they required hard tough terriers that were capable of following a fox down its den and dispatch of the fox while still in the ground. 

  There are stories of Breay using explosives to get dogs out of the earth. You can imagine this was a big goal and tough target to hit.  The terriers and their types as we know them today are the resold of the following breeders taking these types and developing digging terriers that work the best for them in their situation. These where some of the original Patterdale Terrier Breeders.

Breay Bloodline of patterdale Terrier

Breay Bloodline of patterdale Terrier

Booth Bloodline

Robert Booths Clint. Patterdale Terrier Breeder own

Terriers in the forefront

    You can not have a section speaking about Bloodlines and not speak on the Booth Bloodline. This bloodline is so well known, So much  many new comers believe Robert Booth created the Patterdale Terrier himself. This is not true however. 

  That being said Robert Booth is considered to be a walking Encyclopedia for the breed.  Regardless anyones personal thoughts about him, R. Booth is MAJOR part of the Patterdale Terriers history. We personally believe to add booth blood to a program is to add muscle to a program.

    We have had the pleasure of meeting and obtaining a Terriers directly from Mr. Booth.  WE ARE POUD TO SAY WE OWN THE LAST GREAT STUD DOG FROM MR BOOTH CH BOOTH'S CLINT HOF. He has been nothing short of a pleasure to deal with, and a major help when we had questions. Booth has sent a great deal of Terriers here to the states. Some well known dogs from Booth are Milo, Red Rocket, Tonic, Bruiser,  Bruiser II and Gin, 

  Now days Booth is producing Terriers off of a stud dog named Booths Clint (YES the same clint that we own). We personally feel the Terriers Booth is producing to day are MUCH better then the Terriers Booth produced in the past (which is what a good breeder does, continue to get better) The dogs Booth is producing today seem to have more hunt drive, better noses, and are coming in at a better size then many in the past.  

  Booth dogs have always been known to be hard Terriers with a knockout approach to vermin. These Terriers can very well stand on their own as a bloodline and handle any work that comes their way.

    The Terriers Booth is breeding these days have some very solid outs in them and they can be crossed with just about any bloodline on the planet and produce great working animals.  Booth Clint is really putting some good ones on the ground. To obtain a Terrier Directly from R. Booth is to own a piece of history like owning a colby bred APBT. 99% of these Terriers will be smooth coat. 

Gould Bloodline

Something a Little different

  The Gould bloodline is a little different then the pre mentioned Bloodlines.  These Terriers come in the smooth coat and broken coat however a larger perceatatege of them will have a broken coat when compared to the bloodlines mentioned here.

  Ken Gould has sent many Terriers over here to the states, and the Family has been know to produce many a worker. We like the look of these Terriers over most of the other bloodlines as a personal preference. They simply look more "terrier like" to us. 

  This Bloodline as a whole does not seem to be "as hard" when hunting as the pre-mentioned lines.  That is certainly not an absolute. There are more then enough  hard terriers produced by this line of dogs. A higher percentage of them have the mixer style of working quarry then some of the pre-mentioned lines. By this we mean they will grab their quarry but they will bay if needed to avoid sustaining too much damage. This is good if you hunt on a daily basis. While this is one of our favorite line of Terriers we prefer our dogs to be hard catch dog style of terriers.  Gould dogs also tend to have a better nose then the adverage patterdale from a different line .

 Our favorite Gould dogs here in the states  have come from Mr Murdoch.


NuttalL Bloodline

One of the originals

 Brian Nuttalls played a VERY important role in making the Patterdale what we know it to be today. Many consider him to be the originator of the breed as well. The truth of the matter is his family members had these dogs prior to him and they got the dogs from others as well.

  The Nuttalls line of dogs is highly respected. As a whole they tend to run smaller then the previous mentioned lines. Making them a little better suited for work here in the states. Nuttalls dogs produce a mix of hard and softer dogs within the litters. Most Nuttalls dogs are smooth coat terriers. There are considered to be two types of Nuttalls dogs. you have the older (original) Nuttalls dogs which many feel were better then the dogs of more current times. None the less a good Nuttalls dog is one that is not easy to beat.


Cocker Bloodline

Alan Cockers Nigger. Patterdale Terrier Breeder

The Elusive and Highly Reguarded

  The Cocker blood is a major component of our breeding program. This family of dogs come from Ireland, where it has been tested an proven generation after generation. Based on  tight breeding  of just a few dogs. Max, Tripod, Nigger, Holly, Ted, and Annie are the foundation dogs for this family of Terriers. Cocker got his dogs from direct from  Breay around the same time Nuttall got his dogs from Breay. Alan also used another line of dogs that were red in color to establish the line we know of today. 

  The Cocker Bloodline is one that has not  been exploited and peddled around in America to the extent others have. But it is peddled around Ireland. In fact there are low life's out there that actually lie about the origins form their dogs claiming Cocker blood. Which is a real shame. It is kept by a select few here in the states, and has been the source of many arguments within the Terriers here in the states. Many individuals that are involved in this family of Terriers do not share their pedigrees or even purposefully misrepresent their pedigrees.

  Regardless of the pedigrees behind these dogs one thing that most people agree on is if you have a Terrier from this blood line you will stand a very high chance that your Terrier will be a hard working, successful hunting dog. These dogs are known for being hard dogs when working quarry. They are also know for a very good nose and throwing a very high percentage of dogs that stay until dug regardless of how long they are in the earth. We have heard some make the argument that this line of terriers are the closest thing to the vision Mr. Buck and Mr. Breay had for the terriers they wanted to develop.

   The biggest draw back of this family of Terriers is that their style of dealing with quarry requires them to take a longer amount of time in between hunts to recoup from the previous outing. They are very game and will continue but it is a heavy tole on their bodies thus they need time to heal up. Terriers like these are a solid addition to any breeding program as they will keep your pups game, gritty, and tough with quarry.

  These dogs most commonly come in a smooth coat and black coloring here in the states. However you can find them in Broken Coats as well. 

Weaver Bloodline

American Muscle

  Weaver is considered to be a pioneer of the breed here in America.  Weaver  has been around these dogs almost as long as they have been here in the states.  

  One of Weaver's best known dogs was Weaver's Cory of whom is the damn and great damn to our Weaver's Bones (as well as several other very well known terriers). Weavers line of Terriers is known for being incredibly hard. Weaver has always liked a kamikaze style of Terrier.

  Weaver has a reputation for testing and culling his breeding program in a serious way. He is also known for breeding his line of Terriers in a tight fashion. This being said this is a lot of consistency in his terriers. His Terriers will com broken or smooth coat and almost always black.

  Weaver's current yard is based on Weaver's Bones of whom we purchased in 2018. He is one of if not the best stud in America


Murdoch bloodline

Kings of American Hunting

  Murdoch is another person we are proud to call a friend. Murdoch has had Patterdale Terriers for many many years. He is also credited with breeding one of the hardest hunted line of terrier in the nation. Murdoch breedings are another "Before vs Now" situation. 

  The original Murdoch line was pure Gould dogs. Almost all of them were broken coated dogs. They were also known to be Mixers rather then being flat out hard. Likely because Murdoch hunts more frequently then the common American Terrier Man. So this style suited him better being his dogs did not have to sit in the kennel as frequently. We always liked his original line of dogs. 

  Since then Murdoch has obtained Pure Cocker dogs. One of which is a litter mate sister to our Cocker's Malichi. Needless to say his Cocker dogs are much different then dogs he used to run. 

  We still have some of the old blood that Murdoch use to hunt. We think it crosses really well with the Cocker bloodline and will continue to make that cross. 

Schwabs Anne busty

Schwab’s Blood

Collection of excellence

The schwab bloodline is another that has stood the test of time and is respected by breeders and hunters alike. Most schwab dogs are pure Nuttall terriers however schwab was also know to run some pure pickaxe blood as well. Schwab runs smooth coat terriers that are strong. In our opinion these terriers have good locating ability. This has been one of our go to lines to establish part the foundation of our stock. Schwab kept such high quality animals that even Booth was more then happy to use some of that blood in his present day dogs as an out.

Stay Tuned More bloodlines to come in the near future