Patterdale terrier breeders/ sites





(visit at your own risk* unfortunately  quite of few of the self proclaimed "Terrier Men" are more interested in personal drama then talking terriers. Hopefully one day all the discussions will focus on the patterdale Terriers. There are some good international patterdale terrier breeders that are on this forum)


These are SOME of the patterdale terrier breeders we have a high amount of respect for. This is NOT an all inclusive list of the breeders we feel have a solid breeding program

Geoff Australia Terriers-

We personally like the direction of this program. 

HEAD HUNTER KENNELS- Out of Florida. This is the name that James Vetzel used when he was breeding Patterdale terriers back in the day. Now this name is carried forward (with james approval or course) by Jamie Park who is a real outstanding guy.

DEAD GAME PATTERDALE TERRIERS- The Fulfords have an outstanding selection of Terriers on their yard. They also have frozen seamen of some of the best Terriers our country has seen. Both of the Fulford are very familiar with the breed or type. They also own dogs off of our "Weaver's Bones" and other dogs related to him through the "Cory" gyp. We hope to one day breed bones back to one of their solid females. We have nothing but respect for this kennel.

Mason Kennels- David Mason is the source for our first Patterdale Terrier. His name was X and he was a solid little dog. David has been in the Terriers as long as anyone alive. To own a Terrier from him is to own a piece of history.

Rough Neck Kennels- They do things a little differently then us. However this is a kennel that is focusing on breeding working Patterdale terriers and they take their terriers out to work them regularly. Much more then what many kennels do. They do work more than on Terrier on their quarry but to each their own. We have heard some good things about a couple of their Terriers.

J&J Kennels of Michigan- J&J has provided many individuals as well as many breeders with solid working and breeding stock. We are particularly fond of  their "Finn"(of whom we own a half brother to which also came from Murdoch), "Spider", "Gyp" and "Diablo" Dogs. Diablo is full brother to Bone's Father. 

  Craig is no longer in the Patterdale terriers but we are happy to call him a friend as he has been nothing short of awesome. The dogs are now carried on by Jay who is Craig's brother. This site is also an awesome place to view pictures of some of the best terriers seen this side of the pond.

Phone number231-333-5046

There are other breeders and Kennels out there that have our respect but many of them do not have websites. But to list some names-

Weaver- Weaver is a well know Terrier breeder from Louisiana. Some good dogs have come from his yard. He has an "interesting" reputation within the Terrier community. But he is worth mentioning on this page.  

Muroch- Another person we are proud to call a friend. Murdoch has bred some out standing dogs and is a hunter par none.  We have dogs that come directly form Murdoch's old blood (pure gould) an our Malichi is a full littermate brother to Murdoch's DC who Murdoch uses as his brood gyp currently.  If you have some of his blood in your dogs you have something from a family that has been tested well.  

TPC- These guys have some solid patterdale terriers. They also have some of the "Weaver's Cory" Blood in their dogs, as well as J&J's "Finn" (who was known as Murdoch's Jesse half brother to one of our dogs)  There have been some suspect issues behind this kennel but to each their own. My hat goes off to these guys because they truly work their dogs and trying to be progressive in the breed.

 Kennel Clubs (that we use)

PTCA- The Patterdale Terrier Club of America is the premier Kennel Club for Patterdale Terriers. The promote the use of these dogs as hunting Terriers. Below is a link to their site be sure to check them out.

ADBA- American Dog Breeder Association. This kennel club will register any dog that is registered with the PTCA (mentioned above.) They also offer the DNA Profiling that we use for our brood stock. Be sure to check them out. Here is a link to their website.  Be sure to check them out.