Tertulia's Orus

Portual import Orus is a proven badger hunting terrier

Ancient blood at its best

  Orus is an import from Portugal. He was bred by the team of Ricki and Gilberto. Orus has worked Multiple Badgers on his own before the age of 2 yrs old. He was imported by us shortly after these  badgers and we continue to use him on raccoon, beavers, ground hog and fox. He's always worked hard and tirelessly with out making so much as a sound. 

   Weighing in at 17lbs Orus is an ideal size Patterdale terriers for our work. Small, Spandable with solid bone structure. 

 Major thank you to Ricki and Gilberto for allowing us to own this fine animal. These guys are some of the best Patterdale Terrier breeders in the world in our opinion. Also major thanks to the terrierman who put us in contact with these gentlemen. We were the first to bring this blood to the states, and as far as we know as of the time of this writing the only ones with the blood directly from the guys in Portugal. 

  We are proud to own this solid Terrier, and feel he can compete with the best in the country.

 Orus is tight line bred on the" GD Bill" Dog which is a very old nuttal bred dog. You can find information on the immediate ancestors of this terrier on earthdog-running dog in a small interview by Gordon Mason. Those who end up with Terriers directly off of him will surely have some solid working stock.

Black Fell Terrier

One of our favorites to hunt

This terrier exhibits the strong head and muzzle that we expect to produce in the future


Real deal Fell Terrier

Orus gone digging patterdale terrier from old warren w blood