Cocker's Mayhem

Alan Cockers Mayhem. Working Patterdale Terrier

Mr. contraversal

  For those who are not familiar with this line of Patterdale terriers, here is a little info. One would be hard pressed to find another line of terriers that are consistently the same quality of the Cocker dogs. Cocker dogs as a line have more Hunt Drive, Scenting abilities and Hardness then many lines of terrier.

  Nothing but the finest ingredient were used by this Patterdale Terrier Breeder.

 Mayhem was bred to be the next generation of Cocker dogs. Mayhem had one brother that passed in the earth overseas, leaving only Mayhem. 

  Mayhem is double bred off Cockers favorite stud, he sports the AC Tattoo on his ear, white speckling, as well as the Micro chip as evidence of his source being Ireland. 

   Mayhem is now DNA profiled. We can accurately tell if a dog comes off of him or another Patterdale terrier. 

  Prior to us obtaining Mayhem there was a lot of fighting between people over him and his offspring.... Let just say many a dog men would refuse to give  the full pedigree or correct pedigree to the dogs they breed. This seems to be the case with some of the terriers that may have been off mayhem or may not have been off of Mayhem. Now Mayhem is DNA Profiled so it will be very easy to confirm if a pup is off of him. 

 As for the future Mayhem will be bred to the best females we can find.  If you find yourself with a dog off of Mayhem consider yourself VERY LUCKY. 

  "One of One Kennels" is proud to be the new home of Cockers Mayhem. Thank you C.E. For this terrier. Is is exactly what you said he was.

Alan cocker's Mayhem

Top of the line quality

We were more then happy when we check this terriers work ethic out. 

Alan Cocker's Mayhem

Proven producer

This Terrier is considered one of if not the best Producer in our country. He has some offspring that are really showing out right now.