Picture perfect terrier

Alan Cocker's Malichi

Cocker's Blood at its best

  This Patterdale Terrier was directly imported from Alan Cocker himself (Alan Cocker is a Patterdale Terrier breeder in Ireland) and is a littermate to Murdoch's Cocker's D.C. He sports the signature AC Tattoo in his ear as well as the white speckling each of the AC patterdale terriers have shown. 

  There are not many dogs off of Maliki out there. Maliki is a pretty calm easy going terrier when not working. However he is an incredibly hard worker when he is called upon. This dog was checked and worked by Murdoch himself and worked Raccoon without any signs of backdown. Maliki is on the smaller end of the spectrum for a Cocker bred dog. We are very happy to have this Terrier in our program. Thank you C.E. for this Terrier


One of our favorites


Great worker with good confirmation