The best cocker dog in the nation


A Terrier worth her weight in gold

Jezebel is a proven badger terrier and an outstanding brood gyp. Producing offspring that are top notch workers, refusing to backdown from any kind of quarry. 

  She was highly regarded prior to stepping a single foot on U.S. Soil. So much that many in ierland say she is worth her weight in gold. 

  Once she was received in our country she was tested on Raccoon of which she handled with zest.

  She sports and interesting coat in comparison to out other terriers. Some of her offspring seem to have this same coat. 

 You will hear people talk negatively about many patterdale terrier, but jezebel won’t be one of them. This girl has earned a solid reputation and had guarded it with the best of her abilities. One of One Kennels will surely the home for Jezebel for the rest of her life. 


Proven badger hunter

Jezebel is our most prominent foundation Patterdale terrier gyp. Dog like her make being a patterdale terrier breeder a easier job. Better quality means a higher percentage of the litter meets expectations.